by Rod D. Martin
September 26, 2016

Okay, looking around the interwebs at various sites’ “who won the debate” polls, I’m frankly kind of marveling at what I’m seeing.

Time Magazine — leftist as can be — has 601,000 votes cast as of this writing, and Trump is winning 60-40.

Fortune — a left-leaning Time property — has 300,000 votes. Trump is winning the debate overall 51-49, the economy 55-45, national security 54-46, and “clearest vision for America” 51-49.

CNBC — center-left — has 261,197 votes. Trump is winning 54-46.

Slate Magazine — far, far left — has 42,418 votes. Trump is winning 54.30% to 45.70%. — mildly left but read equally by both sides — has 72,570 votes. Trump 58, Hillary 36. — normal MSM liberal — has 139,805 votes. Trump is winning 55.69% to 39.81%.

Now of course Drudge’s poll — inhabited almost entirely by right-wingers like myself — has Trump winning with 81%. That’s bogus. And likewise, CNN did a snap poll right after the debate showing Hillary clobbering Trump. Again, probably bunk.

But these “unscientific” polls? They’re all on leftwing sites. The number of voters is simply enormous. And Trump’s winning them.

That seems like it could be significant.

UPDATE: About ten minutes after I originally posted this, Fox News picked up on it. Later, so did the Daily Mail, which found polls I did not.

SECOND UPDATE: Michael Moore is saying Trump won.