by Charles Gordon
July 21, 2007

America has no shortage of hideously bad judges — you know, the kinds that slap child molesters gently on the wrist while throwing pro-life grandmothers in prison, that replace the plain words of the Constitution with their own political agendas, and that self-evidently lack the character or the temperament to be judges in the first place.

Why don’t conservatives form an organization to monitor them?

At least once a month, that organization would spotlight an especially poor judge, along with the lunatic rulings that have richly earned him or her this new notoriety.

The goal would be to produce a groundswell of grass-roots outrage across America against the spotlighted culprits.

The next step would be to pressure legislatures to reprimand, censure, or in some case impeach them.

It’s one thing to whine and moan about judicial rogues…it’s quite another to do something.

Let’s do something.