by Rod D. Martin
July 24, 2013

A new study by Travis H. Brown called How Money Walks explores how people and money migrate from one state to another. And although the exact causes are difficult to nail down, one thing is clear: Americans are moving from high-tax and heavily regulated states to low-tax states with less regulation.

Well isn’t that a shocker.

The study finds that since 1992, no other state has benefited more from wealth migration than Florida, whose economy has gained an estimated $95.6 billion, dwarfing Arizona’s next highest gain of $28 billion.  Almost half of that capital influx came from New York, New Jersey and Illinois.

In other words, a Republican-led low tax, low regulation approach has not only increased its people’s freedom, but it has denuded the Northeastern Democrat-run high tax, high regulation states of their best and brightest.  Oh, and their best and brightest’s money.

America could do this too.  How simple it would be to make America competitive again, which is to say, a magnet for industry, investment and jobs.  Instead, Obama’s Democrats institute stealth capital controls through FACTA, make it virtually impossible for even American companies to bring their earnings home, and maintain what is now by far the highest corporate income tax rate on Earth.

And then they rail against outsourcing?  Gimme a break.

Democrats mean to make all of America into New York, Illinois and Detroit, which we cannot doubt since those places and their disintegration are entirely the result of decades of Democrat policies and governance.  But we could make America like Florida.  And there really wouldn’t be much to doing it:  just a willingness to stop breaking the 10th Commandment and the 10th Amendment.

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