by Rod D. Martin
February 10, 2007

Joe Lieberman — the former Democrat VP nominee and Connecticut Senator whom MoveOn borked for disagreeing with them on precisely one issue* — rides to the rescue of all that is sane. With Dumocrats in full cry to defund the troops and leave Iraq to al Qaeda (their favored foreign policy solutions always involve America’s defeat), Lieberman — the “independent” on whom the Dem majority rests — made clear today that any such attempt may well be met with a Senate control-switching response.

Should Lieberman get angry enough, his vote plus Dick Cheney’s gives the Senate back to the Republicans. And should he need the chairmanship of the Armed Services Committee to help him get that angry, well, we’d love to see it happen.

Now: let’s see if McConnell and Lott can handle this as well as Lott’s opponents (in 2001) handled Jim Jeffords. And let’s all thank Joe Lieberman for proving you can be a Democrat and a patriot. We were beginning to wonder.

* Well, I say only one issue (the war). In reality there appear to have been two. Throughout the campaign to defeat Lieberman in his primary, the left-wing bloggers never missed a chance to smear the Senator from Connecticut as “Jew Lieberman” and demean him with other such racist, anti-Semitic epithets. But then, what would you expect from the party of tolerance?