by Rod D. Martin
July 20, 2015

Over at The Federalist, Sara Burrows writes about how libertarianism has led her into polyamory, and why in her view, that’s a very good thing.

Many people remember Hillary Clinton’s statement that “marriage is slavery” (a philosophical position, not a commentary on her later troubles with Bill). But they forget (or rather, they don’t know, because three people read it) that Harry Browne wrote a book propounding the same point of view.

Who is Harry Browne, you may ask? The Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee in 1996 and 2000.

Libertarianism, however correct it is about economics, is fundamentally at odds with conservatism and with Christianity, in its denial of the fall of man (and thereby its denial of the Founding Fathers’ belief that “if men were angels no government would be necessary), and in its certainty that every man can be, indeed ought to be, an island. “Virtuous attachments” are an oxymoron, because radical individualism requires that you never actually be attached.

This is just Eve in the Garden.

Libertarianism would create an infinitely better society than would Socialism: there’s no denying that. And libertarian economists are brilliant and well worth studying.

But just as you shouldn’t make a diet entirely of steak, or of waffles, you would be wise to only take them so far.