by Rod D. Martin
November 6, 2006

So Saddam gets his just deserts and is sentenced to hang, right? And you expected the Euroweenies to object to the death penalty no matter how they felt about Saddam. But did you expect this?

1. The New York Times — perhaps the greatest center of agitation for American defeat outside Osama’s cave — actually called this morning for the deferment of Saddam’s sentence, saying “justice has not been served”. To which we can only suggest they should try operating their newspaper under his tender mercies for a while.

2. Meantime, thousands of jubilant Iraqi’s danced in the streets of Baghdad at news of Saddam’s verdict, a point buried in most Western news reports and which you probably wouldn’t know about at all were it not for Matt Drudge.

3. And if that weren’t enough, Antoine Sfeir, a noted Arab expert and Middle East specialist from France, an Arab himself and author of books on Islamic terrorism and the Middle East, was interviewed yesterday on French television. His analysis? “The violence was very hard these days in Iraq, but America is winning the war. The federalism is now etablished in Iraq and the blocks of communities are made.”

According to Sfeir, the new equilibrium Sunnis-Shiites is a revolution in the Middle East and it will put down Islamic terrorism said Sfeir. Zarqawi and Bin Laden have already been attacked by Muslims in Jordan, Iraq and Egypt.

“A revolution is made, just like George W. Bush said.”

This Arab specialist said that it was a ongoing revolution in the Arab world which was made by the Americans and was still sucessful. He also told a lot about the 2005 “triumph of the elections” which was a earthquake in the Arab world.

Sfeir points out that the violence is only one small part of the story: the Iraq democratic revolution is still on stage, and no civil war is coming. Why? Because federalism is really taking place in Iraq. Sfeir said that most of the media, and especially American outlets “which are supporting amazing anti-US propaganda before the elections”, lack understanding of the deep change that is already complete in Iraq.

Sfeir also said that Al Qaeda has already lost most of the ground in Iraq, and that the violence shows its deep frustration. And he concludes that the terrorists in Iraq are counting on the American people bailing them out by giving Democrats a majority in Congress.

“The only way the Iraq war would be lost is if the Administration in Washington, including Congress, are not understanding the revolution.”

It’s not quite what you’d expect from French TV. But with the New York Times openly campaigning against convicting the Butcher of Baghdad, why shouldn’t even the French seem pro-American by comparison. Things are not as the daily drumbeat in our press make them seem. Be wise, see the truth, and vote accordingly tomorrow.

P.S. The full interview, unfortunately for most Americans in French, is available here