by Rod D. Martin
March 14, 2018

A few thoughts on Kudlow, and what he represents.

1. I can think of two other Republican Presidential candidates (out of 17) who might have named him. Several of the candidates most supported by NeverTrumpers would have sooner named a camel dropping.

This is not to say that all those supporters-of-RINOs are themselves RINOs. But it’s fair to say they should consider reassessing their current prioritization of style vs. substance.

2. Kudlow is far from alone. He’s part of an all-star administration (and getting better, which usually isn’t how that works), from Kellyanne Conway to Paul Teller to Ben Carson to Mad Dog Mattis to Scott Gottlieb to Ajit Pai to on and on and on. That’s before you even consider judges: no one, not even George Washington, has a better record on judges than Donald Trump. And rightly or wrongly, it’s the judges who will decide whether this Republic and its liberties survive another generation, or perhaps even another decade.

That’s very much in doubt. But it’s a lot less doubtful than it was a year ago.

Some of our NeverTrump friends act as though a Presidential election is about one person. They forget that it’s about literally thousands, senior leaders with policy-making all. The President gets to name them. But they make virtually all the decisions, some of them for decades, that shape how we live, whether we and our children will be free (and to what degree, and whether those children especially will even live to know freedom), and how the world’s most powerful nation will impact the other 95% of humanity.

I can understand why some might bristle at Donald Trump’s, or George Bush’s, or Ronald Reagan’s style, or background, or assorted personal failings. What I can’t understand is letting such things obscure the stark and potent reality of a Sam Alito vs. a Sonia Sotomayor, a Derrick Watson vs. a Don Willett, a Kellyanne Conway vs. a Rahm Emanuel, the Federalist Society vetting judges vs. the ABA, an HHS that enshrines in federal regulation that life begins at conception vs. a DOJ that sues the Little Sisters of the Poor to force them to pay for abortions.

I’m very grateful for Donald Trump. But even if I couldn’t stand him, I’d fight for the enormous host of outstanding men and women whose leadership his election enables. And I’d thank God for the stay of execution represented by the defeat of that monstrous hoard of commissars Hillary would have unleashed upon us.

Today, Larry Kudlow reminded me of that.

— Kudlow and What He Represents originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.