by Rod D. Martin
October 6, 2018

Let’s be honest. Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed today, creating the first 5-4 conservative majority since 1937, because:

1. Despite many of our very real concerns, we voted for Donald Trump, even while our so-called “betters” ridiculed us and called us morally deficient (many of them voting for the utterly unprincipled Evan McMullin); and…

2. Donald Trump kept his word, as he’s done on every single policy position he ran on insofar as he’s been able, and far more than most of those “betters”; and…

3. Even if he’d lied about everything, taking a chance on him was worth it, because some chance is always better than no chance; and…

4. We all know Jeb Bush, or most other Republican candidates in the last 25 years, would have caved to the Democrats and withdrawn the Kavanaugh nomination at the first sign of trouble. Because they were small, pathetic cowards in a time when we need a fighter.

If the Republic is to be saved — and that’s still far from certain — it will be because of Donald J. Trump, and because we rejected the modern Chamberlains and Halifaxes, the sheep in sheep’s clothing, the self-appointed self-righteous “moral superiors” who would have thrown away everything, for all of us and all our children, rather than appear to be wrong.

Sometimes moral courage consists in a willingness to appear to be wrong, to serve what’s actually right.

Today, we shall have it: the first Supreme Court majority that believes in our Constitution in over 80 years. And we shall not have — as we would have had — the first outright Marxist, outright anti-Christian Supreme Court majority ever, and for the rest of our lives.

You are not just responsible for your vote, but for its likely consequences. Remember. This war is far from won.

But it’s also not lost. Because good men and women did what was right — even if to some it did not seem right — in 2016 and since.

— Kavanaugh’s Confirmation originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.