by Rod D. Martin
August 8, 2018

More and more Democrats — herded into it by their own Russia hysteria — are calling for ballot security. Oh the irony.

So here’s a primer, for those who’ve been opposed to these things lo these many years (while benefiting from its absence):

1. Paper ballots. They can’t be hacked electronically, and all the ways to cheat with them are well understood and easily policed.

2. Photo IDs. Simple, because everyone has to have one for virtually everything anyway, and they prevent people from pretending to be someone they’re not.

3. Pre-election voter registration. Democrats claim this “suppresses the vote”, but even if that were true, it’s a small price to pay. If the last day to register is several weeks before the election, rather than the election day registration Democrats support, there’s no way to overwhelm harried, busy election officials on Election Day with fake voters, and there’s plenty of time to make sure people are who they say they are.

4. Elections on one day. Again, motor voter and weeks of early voting are enormous invitations for fraud. Relatively small groups of fraudsters can vote in multiple locations over several weeks, or mail in fraudulent ballots (as one prominent Democrat actually encouraged this week, calling on Progressives to vote their children’s mail-in ballots for them). Holding the election on a single day makes this far more difficult, especially in combination with my other simple measures. And…

5. Inked thumbs. Yes, this worked brilliantly in Iraq and Afghanistan, so why not in America? The catch is, for it to work, you have to have the election on a single day (see item 4). But indelibly inked thumbs combined with photo ID make it effectively impossible for anyone to vote more than once, just as pre-election voter registration and photo IDs combine to make it much harder for illegal aliens to vote.

Oh, did I just mention illegal aliens? They’re the main reason Democrats oppose every single thing I just said.

But those darn Russians: they may just get the Democrats to let us secure our elections against actual fraud after all. And this is how.


How to Secure Elections originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.