by Rod D. Martin
May 5, 2015

I have known Mike Huckabee for many years, disagreed with him on a thing or two, agreed with him on many other things, been employed by him, employed his oldest child (one of my dearest friends), loved his whole family, respected him greatly.

Today was a new high.

As you know, the former Governor announced his second run for President today. I will leave it to the pundits to cover all the obvious stuff. Here’s what they’ll probably gloss over (at best):

Real health care reform is gonna focus on prevention and cures, rather than costly intervention. Because hope comes from finding cures for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.
The same way that we once lined up at the courthouse in the 1950s and took our vaccines and eradicated polio. Cures, real cures, could give real hope to families who hear a dreaded diagnosis and are sentenced to a slow and agonizing death. Alzheimer’s disease alone will cost well over $1 trillion by the year 2050. Focusing on cures instead of treatments saves money, lives and families.
I remember President Kennedy telling us that we were gonna send a man to the moon and bring him home within the decade. President Kennedy didn’t live to see that come true. But I did. And it made me believe that America could do anything it set its mind to.
And, as president — as president, I’d launch a curative approach to health care and save money and lives, not just save a bunch of government programs.

Finally: a politician who gets it.

CBO scores the cost of research as though it had no payoff. It is seen as nothing but a cost. But how much has polio cost us lately? How much did it cost every American family before?

What my friend Jim Pinkerton calls “the Cure Strategy” is the only sensible way forward. It’s also the American way forward: see a problem, solve a problem, move on to the next problem. Diseases aren’t as easy as that? The heck they aren’t. But when government starves research and shifts the entire health care system to a triage model, cures aren’t in the offing.

Euthanasia is.

There is no reason we shouldn’t all live to 150 within a a generation or two. Today Mike Huckabee said as much.

And the Republican Party will start winning again when it becomes the party of real hope and real solutions, instead of pessimism and bean counting. It really is as simple as that.