by Rod D. Martin
January 9, 2007

Playing catch-up a bit:  White House counsel Harriet Miers announced her departure last week.  By all counts she was a wonderful lady and an excellent lawyer for the President, and with the Bush-haters now in firm control of the the subpoena power on Capitol Hill, she made a good decision to go take her well-deserved rest now (the President made a good decision in replacing her as well, in picking Fred Fielding).

A little over a year ago, many conservatives had the unfortunate and unpleasant task of opposing the President’s nomination of Miers to the U.S. Supreme Court (indeed, our Vanguard PAC was the first national conservative group to oppose her).  We took no joy in this:  the President has been extremely faithful on judicial nominations, and certainly believed the best of Ms. Miers.  We simply had reason to differ.

But this was never personal.  Harriet Miers has been indispensable to the President in a time of global war, and has served her country with distinction.  She will be missed, and we all wish her every possible reward for all she’s done for America.