by Rod D. Martin
November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  God has blessed us in so many ways, and we are so prone to overlook many of the biggest.  It would be good to reflect today, for instance, on the fact that a billion people were lifted out of poverty in the last 20 years.  Or the fact that we’re very close to curing liver fibrosis and cirrhosis, which affect five times as many people as cancer.  Or the fact that for many people, like Sherri Martin, cancer is no longer a death sentence.  Or the fact that Elon Musk has reduced the cost per pound to orbit from $10,000 to under $1,000, unleashing a new age like the Wright Brothers and opening the door to new worlds.  Or the fact that over half the populations of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras came to faith in Jesus Christ in just this last generation.

We too frequently get caught up in the negatives, of which there are plenty.  But God is always at work, always weaving together His perfect redemption of the whole world, physically every bit as much as spiritually.  He’s doing that in our relationships as much as in the big things, and in our circumstances, and in our hearts.  There is much brokenness in a world populated entirely by sinful, rebellious men; but the Great Physician, the Savior, the One who died in our place to pay the price for our rebelliousness, so that His Father could adopt each of us as sons and daughters?  He makes all things new.

Enjoy this piece from the Economist.  We are about to enter a Golden Age, if we don’t let the leftists screw it up too much.  But we’ve beaten the left before, with its deliberate divisiveness, it’s manufactured victim groups, and its eternal class warfare.  Cooperation and brotherhood are so much to be preferred, and will be, if we as Christians model them, and show the better world that can be.

Be thankful that we are given the opportunity to do so.