by Rod D. Martin
April 12, 2014

Very seriously: if Barack Obama is no longer interested in enforcing immigration laws, privacy laws, or even parts of the Obamacare law…why is he so interested in enforcing grazing laws?

And if our government is only going to arbitrarily enforce “laws”, are they really laws anymore? I mean, seriously: why shouldn’t we ignore any laws WE don’t like too?

I repeat: I am dead serious, on a philosophical level if not a practical one. And if philosophically there’s no reason to follow “laws” anymore, hasn’t this government lost its legitimacy?

What would Thomas Jefferson or Thomas Paine say? Be honest.

And then start thinking about what would be required to set things right.  And about what must eventually happen if we don’t.

UPDATE:  Turns out Harry Reid’s son has a (predictably corrupt) financial interest in the outcome of all this.