by Rod D. Martin
November 10, 2006

This is a family blog, so forgive me while I step aside for a second to utter some South Park language…………………………………………. Okay, that’s better. But only a little.

Yes, you read right: it took about ten seconds for the Euro crowd, fully in bed with Pelosi et al., to announce plans to indict just-resigned Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and possibly Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and former CIA Director George Tenet, for war crimes, presumably involving Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.

Never mind that the average prisoner at Guantanamo lives better than the average prison guard at Guantanamo. Never mind that the supposed “torture” at Abu Ghraib consisted of things you could see any night at Nancy Pelosi’s favorite San Francisco clubs without even going into the back room. And of course never mind that the idea that Don Rumsfeld personally ordered underwear placed on prisoners’ heads makes about as much sense as fretting that aliens could attack at any time (oh wait, Britain’s former Defense chief now claims exactly that: more proof that Europeans are nuts).

No, none of that is the issue. The issue is American sovereignty. Who the heck believes that Germany — or anyone else — has a right to try our citizens; and worse still, a right to try our government officials for their policy decisions? If allowed, would this not mean that every single act of the American government is subject to review by any traffic judge in any country on Earth? And would that not mean that we have lost every vestige of independence already?

The only legitimate response to this is full diplomatic and economic sanctions against any country that tries it; and war against any country that proceeds. That’s certainly how Jefferson and Madison would have seen it. We’ll see if George Bush is made of similar stuff.

But this much you may take to the bank: this is coordinated with the Democrats. The timing is not accidental. Howard Dean announced yesterday that “we won’t impeach the President” for a very good reason: Democrats can’t possibly sustain an impeachment in the Senate, and likely couldn’t get a majority to pass it in the House. But they can certainly go the war crimes route. And no matter how it comes out, they will taint their targets irreparably in the process (not to mention restrict their travel for the rest of their lives).

This is what’s at stake when we talk about the importance of our sovereignty. It’s not an abstract thing: it’s whether we are a nation or a colony. The EU proves every day that free peoples are perfectly willing to throw away nationhood for perceived economic benefits. Our Democrats have long since rejected nationalism, which is why they reject America. This is the first shot of many, and the most urgent reason we must fight and defeat them at every opportunity.