by Rod D. Martin
August 16, 2013

Jim Czirr is my partner in 10 X Capital and is Executive Chairman of Galectin Therapeutics (NASDAQ:GALT).  Rather than say a lot about this, let me quote (from Facebook) my friend and our early shareholder Mike Sheikh:

“After a decade of waiting this Galectin Therapeutics is finally changing medicine. Their drugs are analogous to what penicillin did for the 20th century. We are going to see wonderful advances in medicine in the near future. I am super excited about this development. I don’t know of any other drug company that got an FDA fast track approval in phase I before they even dosed a patient. That should tell you something. This stuff works and it works really well. Say goodbye to cancer as we know it and organ transplants.

“Play this video and see what I have been so passionate about for the past decade.”

Couldn’t have said it better.  It’s why we bought the company.