by Rod D. Martin
July 7, 2005

I thought I’d share with you an email exchange I had today with a very fine pastor who asked me about an article recently appearing in WorldNetDaily. Forgive me if this is Greek to you, or if it isn’t but you don’t fall within its bounds.

Subject: Fed-up Christian families moving toward ‘secession’
in South Carolina

Group attracts over 700 members in past year as citizens begin transplanting to S. Carolina

OK, Rod.
What is your thought about this piece of news ?
(Who can blame them?)

Best wishes,


Dear __________,

I never cease marveling at the endless capacity of certain Reformed people to be hippies. Got a problem? Let’s go live on a commune (an appropriate agrarian or Y2K commune, of course). Got a controlled substance? Let’s legalize it: the Bible doesn’t say anything about marijuana, after all; or anything about causing your brother to stumble either. Elders getting you down? Let’s start a new denomination, with a purer three churches instead of the corrupting establishment represented by the seven churches we left. Country not going quite the way you like? Then let’s talk secession! It’s a more controllable fantasy than an acid trip, and after all, it worked so well for Jeff Davis.

They really are just hippies. And like all hippies, they need to get a bath and get to work.


Rod D. Martin, J.D.

The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.

— Peter H. Diamandis, M.D.,
Founder of the X-Prize