by Rod D. Martin
April 28, 2013

In an article entitled “What If We Never Run Out of Oil?“, The Atlantic whines that fracking is making America energy independent, methane hydrates (frozen natural gas buried under the seabed, usually just of the coast) may liberate the entire world, and, well, that would just really be a leftist “nightmare.”

Sometimes you just wonder “what the heck is wrong with these people?”

You really need to read the (rather long) article.  Methane hydrates (featured heavily on the new Dallas series on TNT) very likely will change the world.  And environmentalists should be thrilled:  clean burning natural gas radically reduces carbon emissions compared to coal or oil, and its abundance makes building and operating a world full of zero-emissions Teslas a whole lot easier.

The fact that they don’t see it that way is far from shocking at this point, and reading what they have to say is a worthy education into what is sadly the more rationale variety of this mindset.

But it’s much more important to read this to learn about methane hydrates.  This is going to be big.