by Rod D. Martin
July 5, 2018

Yes, in the Trump era there are — for the first time in history — more jobs than job seekers. You simply could not have imagined such a headline in the Obama years, and rest assured, you never got one.

But the pro-amnesty crowd quickly turns this historic victory into “and therefore we need millions of illegal immigrants”, when what they should be saying is “oh goodie, real wages will now increase,” something leftists claimed to care about until Trump made it happen.

Indeed, supply and demand is a rather large part of Trump’s “crazy” idea that we should actually enforce our immigration laws: if you don’t flood the market with cheap unskilled illegal labor, everyone’s jobs are worth more money. And yes, that includes the jobs held by the 1.1 million new legal immigrants America admits every single year.

Yes, that’s more legal immigrants than the entire population of Florida just since 9/11. And that’s a lot of jobs that have to be created, and that obviously have been. Which is why Obama’s lethargic economy was so tragic for millions of people’s hopes and dreams, and why the pretense that America is “anti-immigrant” is such an outrageous lie.

But then, self-reliant, gainfully employed people who don’t need a handout — or a permanent welfare check — are harder for Democrats to recruit. And therein lies the answer to all of your questions.


— American Worker Shortage originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.