by Rod D. Martin
November 7, 2013

Everyone said he’d get blown out.  But in fact, even in what was supposed to be a D+9 state, wherein Clinton fundraiser and hatchet-man Terry McAuliffe was supposed to win by a landslide and in fact outspent him by 3-1, Ken Cuccinelli plus fake Libertarian Robert Sarvis got a combined 53%.


First, Virginia is winnable.  Period.  Those who say otherwise should shut up.

Second, Republicans have to stop eating their own.  There was no reason Cuccinelli had to lose.  There was no reason the Party Bigs, the puditocracy and the consultant class had to abandon him.  Their political biases and their erroneous presuppositions gave McAuliffe, the Clintons and the Democrat’s patronage machine a needless victory and a new host/victim for their parasitic agenda, on turf we need to win.  Great job, guys.

And third? The third party crowd — Constitution, Libertarian, Naderite, whatever — is a train wreck. While bloviating about “their rights” and “their votes”, they actually elected one of their worst enemies, and did so by supporting not some hero of their own but a stooge of the left.  It’s now painfully clear that Sarvis was funded by Obama’s people, people apparently better capable that the allegedly intellectual libertarians of simple math.

Even Ron Paul told libertarians they were “insane” to vote for Sarvis.  But they did.  Sarvis got nearly 7% of the vote, despite even the senior Paul thinking Cuccinelli a better candidate, and despite the fact that the real beneficiary of those votes was a socialist.

So the third lesson is, if all that third party energy had gone into cleaning the Republican house, getting rid of the leaders who let our guy be outspent 3-1 and ensured his defeat by daily working to make their ill-informed opinion a self-fulfilling prophesy, the Clintons and their whole leftist agenda would have just suffered an historic upset, the Republican Party would look a lot more like Rand Paul, and the best of three candidates would now be governor of Virginia.

But yet again, a supposedly conservative or libertarian third party elects the leftist, just as they elected Al Franken, and Christine Gregoire, and a hundred other recent socialists we can count.

One can only surmise they prefer Galt’s Gulch to saving America.  Foolishness.