SBC President Ronnie Floyd continues to call us to a new Great Awakening, and here’s something concrete we can all do:  join Baptist Collegiate Ministries in Engage24.

This is a call to everyone, but it’s a great opportunity for students in particular, to show the way for older church members who may not have the energy and courage of youth and who might need an example you can set. The Engage24 project offers the vision, the resources, the encouragement, and the freedom for everyone to take part in God’s mission, right where they are.

And if we all made a difference right where we are, what an incredible new world we would birth.

Every Southern Baptist Sharing the Gospel on Tuesday, October 14, 2014

by Ronnie Floyd
September 15, 2014

What if every Southern Baptist would share the gospel with one person on Tuesday, October 14? Just think what could happen if you awakened on that day, spent time with God, and asked Him to empower you to share the gospel with one person that day; then, with great intentionality, sought after that opportunity, ready to see Him use you greatly.

Collegiate Students are Leading the Way, Asking All Churches to Join Them

Over the last two years, SBC collegiate ministries nationwide have set aside a day to call every one of their students to share the gospel with someone in their sphere of influence. They’ve seen thousands of students share the gospel for the first time as a part of the challenge, and now collegiate leaders are inviting churches to participate as well.

Will you participate in what they call Engage24 on October 14, 2014? As we look back at history, we know that God often sparks awakening fires among college students. From the Cambridge Seven and their influencing the world to engage China with the gospel to the birth of the Student Volunteer Missions Movement ignited by the 250 students gathering at Mount Hermon, there is no doubt that when students are committed and focused to a vision for gospel expansion, magnificent things happen.

We are seeing this happen through our Cross Church university ministry. Last Wednesday night, over 700 students met on our Fayetteville campus, were challenged by God’s Word, and 31 college students met Christ; all because there was intentionality in sharing the gospel. The gospel is the power of God to salvation.

Imagine What God Would Do If Our Churches Did This

Just imagine what it would be like if several thousand of our churches determined they would lead the way in participating in sharing the gospel on October 14, 2014. Imagine what it would look like if our churches across Southern Baptist life would learn how to articulate the gospel clearly and with passion, then with intentionality, share the gospel regularly.

Yes, every day we should be sharing the gospel, but perhaps if a specific day was targeted, like 10.14.14, it could become a beginning point for many of us. Again, imagine what it would look like to see every Southern Baptist sharing the gospel with just one person during Engage24 on 10.14.14.

Of the 318 million Americans today, 22 million are college students, as noted in my recent article on reaching college students. Therefore, together we must understand that to the level we will sow the seeds of the gospel will be the level we reap the joy of seeing people come to Christ.

As We Pray For the Next Great Awakening, We Must Always Be Sharing the Gospel

Praying for spiritual awakening in our nation does not eliminate us from sharing the gospel right now. In fact, as we wait expectantly for God to answer our prayer, we need to be sharing the gospel more than ever before. The power of God is always upon the gospel.

Pastor and Laypeople, Will You And Your Church Share the Gospel on Tuesday, October 14?

This coming Sunday, challenge your people to target 10.14.14 on their calendar and join our collegiate leaders in doing so on their respective campuses. Perhaps your church can plan some specific evangelistic ministries for that day, all leading to the gospel being presented and opportunities given for people to respond to this powerful message.

Lead your people to pray as they go. Lead your people to sow as they go. Let’s go together. Let’s target Tuesday, October 14, as a day to share the life-changing gospel message with others. God always blesses His Word.

Please Pray This Week

God has opened some wonderful doors of opportunity over the next few weeks and I would be honored if you would pray for me. This week, I would like to ask that you pray specifically for the United in Prayer gathering at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. It is a privilege to serve Cross Church and the Southern Baptist Convention, but I cannot do it on my own. In these critical days of leadership, I want to be used powerfully by God.