by Rod D. Martin
May 4, 2016

Some are writing the obituary for Ted Cruz’s political career. They are very mistaken.

Ted Cruz is still the United States Senator from the great state of Texas. There is no meaningful chance he will be dislodged from that. He’s 45 years old. He was supposed to finish 17th out of 17; he actually finished 2nd and there’s a nontrivial chance he could have gone all the way had he stayed in the race.

He also raised around $150 million, which is roughly what George W. Bush raised in his primary in 2004, and which compares nicely to (for just one example) the $8 million Mike Huckabee raised despite being better known, having a top rated television news show and having previously won Iowa (and a bunch of other states).

Oh, and he also built the most impressive data operation in the history of Republican campaigns, complementing one of the best national field organizations ever.

Ted’s not done. Ted is now the champion of all conservatives. He’s just warming up. And God help the candidates he helps our side go after in future Republican primaries.