by Rod D. Martin
August 2, 2017

If you believe the Enemedia, or think that the whole world is Obamacare, you probably think that Donald Trump is getting nothing done. That is 180 degrees from the truth. And that’s the case across a wide range of issues, but none is so important — or of long-lasting consequence — as the judiciary.

So here’s an update on Trump’s judicial nominations, as compared to Obama, Bush 2, Clinton, and Reagan. Like Trump, each replaced a President of the other party and each came into office with a Senate of their own party. G.W. Bush made 15 of those 44 nominations on August 2, 2001.

1. President Trump has made more judicial nominations at this point than Obama, Clinton, and Reagan combined, all of them outstanding.

2. Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has held hearings for more judicial nominees at this point than the Committee held under any of these previous Presidents.

3. Despite having to take a cloture vote on every nominee, the Senate has confirmed more judges so far than under these previous Presidents.

That’s just an incredible record, particularly with regard to the extremely high quality of these picks. And we should be very grateful: it was not at all obvious, even to many of the most ardent Trump supporters, that Donald Trump would be good on judges, given that this is far from his obvious area either of expertise or interest.

But in fact, at the rate he’s going at present, Donald Trump may well prove to be the best President in American history on judges. And of all the things he might achieve, that is orders of magnitude more important than all the rest.