by Rod D. Martin
July 18, 2013

In case you missed it, Detroit filed Chapter 9 Bankruptcy today. I’m posting this story and rhetorically asking “where was Obama”, but let’s get real here. Detroit has died, not because of Obama, but because of one-party rule for over a century; and that one party is applying the exact same fiscal and social policies to every bit of America it can.

Did I mention social? Yes, in Democrat Chicago for instance, 480 blacks have been murdered since the Trayvon Martin incident, almost all by other blacks. And Chicago doesn’t even have the highest murder rate among American cities! What it does have: gun control laws and Democrats running the place. You won’t see Jesse Jackson boycotting Chicago, though. Not now, not ever.

Am I calling these people corrupt? Certainly not: why would I call Jesse Jackson or Rahm Emmanuel or Al Sharpton or a couple generations of Mayors Daley corrupt? I’m just saying that their policies have failed, and extending them to the rest of us will not make them fail less. Oh, and this: “fail” is a nice way of saying “screw of millions of innocent people’s lives.”

Just ask the 250,000 people who fled Detroit in the past decade, leading up to this once-great city’s bankruptcy. Or the mothers of all the murdered men and women in Chicago and the other cities, who children would have been safer walking the streets at night in Baghdad.



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