by Rod D. Martin
November 21, 2013

The Republic took a body blow today. The filibuster, given to us by Thomas Jefferson, was one of those things that kept majorities from steamrolling minorities. Harry Reid used to believe it was one of the most essential bulwarks of liberty…when he was in the minority.

Now, in a majority that rammed through the most sweeping, most unpopular “reform” in American history on an unprecedented party-line vote — no, not even one vote from the minority party — ole Harry has decided to double down on brute force. Because that’s who Democrats are now.

Should Republicans change this back when we take the majority, probably as soon as next year? Sadly no, for two reasons.

First, Democrats have proven they can’t be trusted on this. If we reform it, they’ll just deform it again as soon as they retake the majority. It makes zero sense for us to handicap ourselves, anymore than it would have made sense in the Cold War to unilaterally disarm.

But second, we need to make Dems eat this. We need to show them why this has never been and never ought to be how America’s Senate does business. And when the point is sufficiently made, and when they cry Uncle, we need to set things back right, but only in a way that prevents their ever pulling this again. That will take a bipartisan deal nowhere near possible normally.

Just know: if you believe in checks and balances, you can’t be a Democrat anymore.