by Rod D. Martin
August 27, 2018

ICYMI: Over the weekend, the DNC stripped superdelegates of their right to tip the scales in the Democrat nominating process. For my entire lifetime, unelected insider delegates have held the balance of power, and they handed a nomination to Hillary in 2016 that might well have gone to Sanders otherwise.

While this is objectively a reform — and one I applaud — nevertheless, it tells us two things that bear watching.

First and foremost, it tells us that the Clintons have fully and finally lost control of the DNC. The radical left — and we’re talking about people who think Hillary was rightwing — are firmly in control now.

Second, without the “moderating” influence of the insiders, we’re going to see just how Socialist and anti-Christian the nominating process can become. The Enemedia likes to pretend that Republicans have been becoming more and more “extreme” over time, but in fact, Republicans are running on almost exactly the same issues today that they were 20 and 30 years ago (though they’re getting more of those things done now than before). But you didn’t hear Democrats running as open Socialists in the 1990s. You didn’t hear them booing God on national television (as the entire Democrat convention did in 2012). You didn’t see them criminalizing “misgendering” transsexuals, or re-segregating dormitories. You’d probably never heard of “intersectionality”. The Democrats have moved far farther left every year of the last quarter century, opening up a very real gulf between the parties.

That’s about to come into so stark a view that even smelly deplorables can see it.

An amusing side note to this. Donna Brazile, immediate past Democrat National Chairman and one of the now-disenfranchised superdelegates (which just means she’ll have to run for a delegate spot instead of getting it automatically by right), is the epitome of the Swamp. She had to be fired even by #FakeNews CNN for stealing debate questions to help Hillary, and she’s been a Beltway fixture forever.

Donna went to the meeting to fight for her aristocratic rights, and was asked about this by a reporter. She said “I’m going to make sure they don’t count the votes Chicago style.”

And in the next breath, she’ll say there’s zero evidence of voter fraud. Except by Russia, of course.


— Democrats Jettison Their Superdelegates: What’s Next? originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.