by Rod D. Martin
April 13, 2018

Yet again, Jim Comey accidentally helps the President.

1. The fact that Trump wanted the fake “facts” in the dossier investigated proves he wasn’t trying to obstruct the investigation: he was demanding one.

2. It further argues strongly for Trump’s innocence. You don’t ask the FBI to investigate you if you think you’re guilty.

3. Comey says he told the President that such an investigation might be a bad idea, because it might make it appear Trump was personally under investigation, which further establishes the truth that Trump wasn’t, and that Comey saw no reason for him to be, UNTIL Comey was fired and sought revenge.

4. Plus, Comey fingers “classified information” suggesting Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch was perhaps more compromised even than we knew.

Oh, and if that weren’t enough, Comey says that he wouldn’t have publicly reopened the Clinton email case in October if anyone at the FBI had thought there was the slightest chance she could lose, and that the only reason he told the public was to avoid any hint that her Presidency might be “illegitimate” after she won.

Which is to say, the FBI was completely in the tank for one side in a Presidential election, and was actively trying to help the Democrat nominee (1) win the election (by “clearing” her a second time) and (2) solidify her political position afterward.

Consider that carefully, and then recall all these same “impartial professionals” have done to try to destroy Donald Trump’s…what was that word again?…”legitimacy”.

Jim Comey just made it perfectly clear: Barack Obama made the FBI and the Justice Department and arm of the Democrat Party. Which might explain why the FBI raided Michael Cohen’s office seeking details on the Billy Bush tape, but never even requested access to the DNC email servers that contain the only hard evidence of what is supposedly the crime of the century.

In his book, Comey says he’s prone to being driven by his pride. And indeed he is. As at the Senate hearing where he admitted under oath that he was a felon leaker, that he had no reason to believe Trump had obstructed justice, that Trump had never been under investigation personally (he still isn’t), and that he had committed a crime to attempt to get a Special Counsel appointed (apparently out of revenge), that pride just keeps driving him to accidentally tell more truth than he means to tell.

The Swamp is a lot deeper than we thought.

— Comey Accidentally Helps the President originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.