by Rod D. Martin
February 19, 2008

Bet you didn’t know that the elected, or “pledged”, delegates were up for grabs too.

Bet Barack Obama, not to mention the pledged delegates themselves, didn’t know either.

But it’s true. Elected delegates to the Democratic National Convention can vote for whomever they want on the first ballot, regardless of the voters’ preferences, just like the 796 superdelegates everyone’s fighting over. And Hillary Clinton let it be known today that she will ruthlessly go after them all.

Now that really shouldn’t concern anyone — after all, who wants to vote for a loser? — except that the Clintons spent a lot of their time in the White House stealing FBI files on everyone, a crime punishable by many, many years in prison, assuming that the prosecutors do anything about it (which they didn’t: hmmm, I wonder why?).

This is actually the best reason to support Barack Obama: he may be so far left that he makes Hillary look conservative, but at least he doesn’t have a history of corruption a thousand miles long. Hillary doesn’t even hide her intention to cheat to win: she’s perfectly happy to make the threat while the people she means to disenfranchise are still voting!

She’s making Obama’s way for him. But you can’t count her out yet. She’s too dangerous for that, and this bare-knuckled threat makes that all too clear.