by Rod D. Martin
August 21, 2018

James Clapper points out correctly that the President could pull Mueller’s security clearance: “The President does have the authority to exercise here if he so chooses.”

That pretty much eviscerates John Brennan’s lawsuit threat, of course. But there’s a bigger point here, regarding the Mueller investigation.

Donald Trump, while opposing the “witch hunt”, has done nothing to prevent it from doing it’s job. He’s waived Executive Privilege, which no previous President has ever done in similar circumstances. He sent the White House Counsel to “fully cooperate” with Muller, to the tune of 30 hours of testimony. He also waived attorney-client privilege to allow Michael Cohen to speak freely with Mueller. And he’s handed over (at last count) 1.2 million documents, all of which he could have refused to provide under either of the two privileges or both.

When Donald Trump says he’s been completely transparent with the investigation, not only is that true, it’s true to a degree we’ve never seen in American history. And hardly any of that transparency was required by law (nor could Mueller have won virtually any of it had he gone to court, which Trump never forced him to do).

So…when the Enemedia gins up its 20,000th version of “stop Trump from firing the Special Prosecutor!!”, remember this. Trump does have the power to fire him. He has the power to revoke his security clearance — so says James Clapper — which would fry the investigation. He does have attorney-client privilege, and Executive Privilege. He certainly has the power to refuse cooperation.

Idiot liberals and NeverTrumpers keep telling me he’s “acting guilty”. Really? Does this sound like a man who thinks he has a thing in the world to hide?

No. We get the “acting guilty” accusation, like the “Trump might do” this or that charge, because there’s nothing here. And his accusers know it. Which is why a perjury trap is all they have left.


Trump has the Power to Revoke Mueller’s Security Clearance — So Says James Clapper originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.