by Charles Gordon
February 13, 2007

(1) When asked about his ideology, if a politician answers, “I’m a fiscal conservative,” chances are (a) he’s socially liberal and (b) either he is not truly a fiscal conservative either or he will abandon his fiscal conservatism when the going gets tough.

(2) It’s been said that as people get older they become more conservative.  That’s true, unless they live in Washington.

(3) Watching liberal Republican blue bloods trying to “out-liberal” the Democrats on issues like abortion and gay marriage is like watching a group of 80-year-olds trying to be “hip” by frantically inserting nose rings while lining up for tattoos.  They look pathetic and you almost feel sorry for them…..(Well, almost….)

(4) Why are liberals called “progressives?”  What is so progressive about opposing the most creative, dynamic economic system in history, one that thrives on freedom and has lifted more people out of poverty and hopelessness than any other in history?

(5) Despite all the talk about “natural” being better, you’re still more likely to get sick from nature than from anything we’ve done to it.  Bacteria and viruses continue to cause far more illness than the products we create or the processes by which we create them.

(6) At the heart of modern environmentalism is a colossal contradiction:  On the one hand, it criticizes people for what they do to nature.  On the other hand, it denies that people are anything but a part of nature.  Why criticize what we’re doing to nature if we’re simply doing what we’ve evolved to do?

(7) How can secular liberals be more compassionate than religious conservatives when they consistently give less money than religious conservatives do to charity?

(8) The key to being happy is lowering your expectations and demands.  This way, when good things happen, you’re grateful and surprised and when bad things happen, you’re better able to handle them.

(9) The worst ambulance chasers aren’t lawyers.  They’re politicized “preachers” looking to inject race into every quarrel among people.