by Rod D. Martin
February 8, 2007

Amazing Grace is the true story of William Wilberforce, the man, the parliamentarian and the Christian who spent his life in leading the effort first to abolish the slave trade and ultimately abolish slavery itself throughout the British Empire (oh, and to a more limited degree, it is also the story of John Newton, the former slaveship captain who wrote the hymn which gives the movie its name).

This is probably the most inspiring movie I have ever seen, and it very likely has more potential to impact the country and the culture than any movie of our time. There is no audience (except hardcore racists) who won’t love it; but African-Americans and Christians will be uniquely pleased. Absolutely everyone should see it; and if you see it, you’ll absolutely want to see it more than once.

Opening night is February 23rd; but we are encouraging (and the producers are organizing toward) every church in the country to celebrate “Amazing Grace Sunday” on February 18. Everyone, PLEASE go see this movie, and take friends. It’s important.