by Rod D. Martin
October 31, 2005

Proving (for those foolish enough to doubt) that George Bush’s heart was in the right place even if his Miers pick was severely flawed, the President today named Sam Alito to the Supreme Court. I’ve spent a good bit of the day fielding interviews, and Vanguard PAC is already mobilizing for the fight.

And a fight there will surely be. “Scalito” is anathema to the left, with the most obvious anti-abortion record of any Appeals Court judge and a solid conservative judicial philosophy demonstrated in votes on thousands of opinions and 300 personally-authored decisions from his Bush Sr.-appointed seat (in 1990) on the Third Circuit. Note that he was unanimously confirmed to that seat, and to a U.S. Attorney position before that. He will not face similar treatment now.

The President has picked the fight we asked for. Conservatives promised they’d fight to the death for him if he did. It’s time to put up or shut up. We will be doing more than our part, and we’ll be watching closely those who don’t.

One last note: what’s with the idiots trying to make some racial thing out of the “Scalito” nickname, a moniker (obviously) earned by Alito’s fidelity to the Constitution as modeled by Justice Antonin Scalia? Anyone who thinks this is racial has a chip on their shoulder as big as Sicily; and anyone on our side who’s adopting the Democrats’ race-baiting tactics needs to stop it.

For more commentary, including Vanguard PAC’s press release, visit our main site, and while you’re there, please sign our petition urging confirmation. Everyone needs to do their part.