by Rod D. Martin
November 18, 2006

Lest anyone doubt the intentions of the enemy, an al Qaeda terror manual has resurfaced which explicitly argues for, justifies and demands the death or subjugation of all Christians.

As my friend Patrick Poole writes in, “A Guide for the Undecided on the Legitimacy of Killing Christians is an extensive theological warrant deeply rooted in Quranic and Hadith sources for the killing of Americans.”  But of course it’s more than that:  the very focus of the title makes it clear.  While Americans may be in view, the real issue is Christians, the chief obstacle to al Qaeda’s agenda in the very most practical terms.  And in their fascist view, everyone unwilling to bow the knee to their god in their way must die.

Liberals tend to downplay the religious aspect of the war, or slough it off as “all religions are equal, and equally dangerous.”  But al Qaeda puts the lie to both these premises:  good luck finding too many Baptist churches out on jihad (or rioting in the street every time someone makes fun of them), and good luck finding an Islamist prepared to abide “equality” of any viewpoint other than their own.  Leftist biases obscure the reality:  we face a religiously-energized totalitarian force.  The choices are simple: resist or serve.