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Space News Roundup – May 31, 2018

Virgin Galactic space plane aces test flight; plus, President Trump to massively deregulate space businesses; SpaceX on its new Mars-rated rocket engine; Richard Branson to go to space "within months"; Jeff Bezos goes all-in on Moon settlements; FAA paves way for new supersonic aircraft; and more.

Conservatives in Secretive Group ‘Slow Walk’ Trump Support

Donald Trump's rise poses a particularly agonizing dilemma for members of the highly influential, largely secret Council for National Policy, an umbrella network of conservative governmental, financial and activist leaders -- the membership of which can now be exclusively revealed to a greater extent than ever before by CNN.

Captain Thomas Graves

by Rod D. Martin December 21, 2014 Captain Thomas Graves (c. 1580-1635), Rod D. Martin’s eleventh...


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