Space News Roundup – December 8, 2016

by Edward Ellegood Florida Space Development Council December 8, 2016   Extraterrestrial Gold Rush: What’s Next for the Space Mining Industry? If humans eventually want to become a space-faring species, we’ll need to be able to collect basic... read more

Pearl Harbor, 75 Years Later

by George Friedman December 7, 2016 It is the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. It happened three-quarters of a century ago, but it remains the defining moment of our time. It continues to inform the way we look at the world, and it triggered a... read more

The Italian Job

by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard December 7, 2016 Italy’s Matteo Renzi thought the “silent majority” would save him, if only he could chivvy enough of them to polls. The prime minister misjudged disastrously. The voters certainly turned out. They smashed through the 60%... read more

The Rod Martin Report – December 5, 2016

The Rod Martin Report   Winning Till We’re Sick of Winning Meltdown and Delusion: Stein, Pelosi and Ellison Why Carrier (and Taiwan) Really Matter OECD: U.S. & British Economic Growth to Double Britain and Italy and France, Oh My!  Trump’s Cabinet... read more

Fight For $15 Produces a Wave of Job-Replacing Kiosks

by Rod D. Martin December 5, 2016 Just as I’ve warned you — over and over — the agitators trying to raise the minimum wage to a ludicrous $15 an hour have torched the very people they claim to represent. Those people got greedy. And their greed got... read more