The Left Embraces Apartheid

A sad reality on the 61st anniversary of Rosa Parks’ courage. by Matt Ridley December 1, 2016 The home page of Hillary Clinton’s campaign website (still up: has links to “African Americans for Hillary, Latinos for Hillary, Asian... read more

The IRS Just Declared War on Bitcoin Privacy

by Jim Harper November 29, 2016 The Internal Revenue Service has filed a “John Doe” summons seeking to require U.S. Bitcoin exchange Coinbase to turn over records about every transaction of every user from 2013 to 2015. That demand is shocking in sweep, and it... read more

Thanksgiving and Puritan Geopolitics in the Americas

November 24, 2016 Summary The first winter took many of the English at Plymouth. By fall 1621, only 53 remained of the 132 who had arrived on the Mayflower. But those who had survived brought in a harvest. And so, in keeping with tradition, the governor called the... read more

Lessons the Democrats Have Forced Us to Learn

by Robert Allen November 21, 2016 Remember this, my friends: – when you are falsely accused of racism, your accuser is a racist, – when it is suggested you may not accept the outcome of an election and might react with violence, it is actually a threat of... read more

China’s Economy: Living on Borrowed Time

As we’ve been pointing out at for some time now, the “certainty” that China will overtake the United States is at best premature, at worst wishful thinking. — RDM November 21, 2016 Forecast Barring a decision to loosen government... read more

The Global Financial Earthquake of a Trump Dollar

by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard November 19, 2016 The soaring US dollar is causing mounting strains for the global financial system and ultimately threatens to set off a full-blown banking crisis in emerging markets, the world’s top’s economic watchdog has warned. “We have... read more