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Japan Wakes Up to Its Aging Apocalypse

by Patrick Cox August 15, 2018 For years, I’ve predicted that Japan would be the first nation to wake up to the seriousness of continually increasing lifespans. The unexpected success of the book, The 100-Year Life—Living and Working in an Age of Longevity, in Japan...

Space News Roundup – August 13, 2018

NASA launches the fastest spacecraft in history to the Sun; plus, Falcon 9 Block 5 is fully operational; four huge new rockets to debut in 2020; Congress demands the Pentagon move toward reusable rockets; can Virgin Galactic make it to space this year?; space tourism economics; and more.

Aging Is Transforming Our Healthcare System

by Patrick Cox August 5, 2018 Increasingly, my conversations with old friends center on their frustrations with our healthcare system. When I say “old friends,” by the way, I don’t mean that I’ve known them for a long time. I mean they are old. For example, I got an...

Space News Roundup – July 30, 2018

The Branson-Bezos race for 2019 tourist flights heats up, as Virgin Galactic takes a huge leap forward; plus, the Pentagon’s new spaceplane; NASA to have people living on the Moon in less than a decade; Musk’s new drone ship; the U.S. Space Force; and more.

The Moon Landing and Our Lost Half-Century

by Newt Gingrich July 21, 2018 Forty-nine years ago, today, we had every reason to believe that Neil Armstrong’s “small step for [a] man,” was in fact the first part of a “giant leap for mankind.” At the time, it was reasonable to expect that our space program would...

Space News Roundup – July 16, 2018

At SpaceX is closing the gap on America’s lost dominance in space; plus: Blue Origin targets Moon landing, settlement by 2023; 8 ways commercial space travel will change things; Air Force counting on the Falcon Heavy; DARPA spaceplane engine tests; millions of people in space by mid-century?; and more.

Space News Roundup – June 26, 2018

Boeing’s new hypersonic jetliner will whisk you to Europe in 2 hours, Asia in 3; plus, the massive size of the Falcon Heavy and BFR; Virgin readies LauncherOne rocket for maiden flight; the mission of the new U.S. Space Force; lunar water; Blue Origin passenger tickets; the first SpaceX astronauts to fly this year; the floating robotic factory; fusion breakthrough; and more.

Real Leadership in Space

by Newt Gingrich June 21, 2018 This week has shown how serious and determined the Trump-Pence team is about launching America into a new era of leadership in space – and ensuring our dominance there for generations to come. Consider President Trump’s announcement at...

How AI and Looser Labor Laws Will Create Jobs

Automation doesn't eliminate jobs: it improves and increases them.   by Ryan Khurana June 21, 2018 There is a lot of panic about the implications of artificial intelligence technologies for the future of work. Some scholars, such as Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz have...

Entrepreneurial Space Pioneers Who Will Change Our Lives

by Newt Gingrich June 20, 2018 Much of American history has been created by entrepreneurial pioneers who kept inventing things. Eli Whitney created the mechanical cotton gin in 1793, which sparked a revolution in the ability to process cotton. His development of...


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Rod D. Martin is a technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, author and conservative activist from Destin, Florida.


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Rod D. Martin is a technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, author and conservative activist from Destin, Florida.

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