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Space News Roundup – May 21, 2018

by Jennifer Hurst May 21, 2018   SpaceX’s Block 5 Falcon 9 Another Space Launch Game-Changer Musk said the Block 5 is designed to be “the most reliable rocket ever built.” “That is the design intent,” he said. “I hope fate doesn’t punish me for these...

Space News Roundup – May 9, 2018

by Jennifer Hurst May 9, 2018 New Shepard Reaches Space on Eighth Test Flight Blue Origin’s New Shepard suborbital vehicle performed its first suborbital test flight in more than four months April 29 as the company moves a step closer to flying people. The...

America in Space 2024

by Newt Gingrich April 23, 2018 Two historic events happened this week that will lay the groundwork for the future of space exploration in America. First, after a close vote in the Senate, Oklahoma Congressman and former Navy aviator Jim Bridenstine was confirmed as...

Space News Roundup – April 20, 2018

SpaceX President says we’ll be able to take a rocket to Shanghai within a decade; plus: Jim Bridenstine (finally) confirmed as NASA administrator; Atlas V and Delta IV Heavy news; hunting for livable alien worlds; Orion progress; BFR tooling; a dark matter detection breakthrough; and more.

Space News Roundup – April 7, 2018

by Jennifer Hurst April 7, 2018 Virgin Galactic Conducts First Rocket-Powered Flight of VSS Unity Virgin Galactic today conducted the first powered flight of its new SpaceShipTwo spaceplane, the VSS Unity. The craft made seven previous glide tests, dropped...

Don’t Be Afraid of Anti-Aging Biotechnologies

by Patrick Cox March 26, 2018 I had planned this week to write more about the surprising role that mitochondria play in aging. Recent discoveries in this area have convinced me that aging is not only a treatable and reversible disease, but that treatment and reversal...

A Glimpse of the Future

by Newt Gingrich March 23, 2018 I had the opportunity to glimpse a large part of the future this week. Dr. Kiron Skinner, a remarkable scholar, hosted me at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. According to the U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Colleges” rankings,...

Space News Roundup – March 22, 2018

by Jennifer Hurst March 22, 2018   Stephen Hawking, Famed Physicist Who Defied ALS Odds, Dies at 76 Stephen Hawking, one of the brightest minds of modern physics, has died at the age of 76 at his home in Cambridge, England, The Guardian reported today...

Toys ‘R’ Us and the Demographic Deficit

by Patrick Cox March 20, 2018 Two stories hit the web last week, perfectly illustrating the enormous impact of the demographic transition. One covers the human tragedy taking place in Japanese prisons. The other is the slow collapse of the venerable toy retailer Toys...

The Foreign-Policy Implications of Aging

As Yogi Berra famously said, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” by Patrick Cox March 9, 2018 Trend Reversal: The American “Energy Miracle” Many professions rely on mathematical models, extending current trends into the future to help make...


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Rod D. Martin is a technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, author and conservative activist from Destin, Florida.


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Rod D. Martin is a technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, author and conservative activist from Destin, Florida.

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