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The Rod Martin Report – October 13, 2018

The Rod Martin Report - October 13, 2018     The Kavanaugh Surge House Update: Stronger Than Reported Senate Update (Race by Race): Huge GOP Shift The Democrats vs. Their Own Coalition The Victories You're Not Hearing How We Got The First Conservative...

Kavanaugh Casualties

Also Stomped On: Never Trumpers, #MeToo, the Media and more.   by Victor Davis Hanson When the Christine Ford saga finally ended with the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, a lot of truth had distilled out, along with the evaporation of prior...

Social Justice Is a Threat to Human Rights and the Gospel

by Samuel Sey October 13, 2018 In 1920, a young activist organized a public meeting in a major city. Inside a hall holding hundreds of poor, underprivileged people, he delivered a speech describing how his ethnic people were oppressed and burdened, exploited and...

How a Minimum Wage Hike Wiped Out 40% of Venezuela’s Stores

Will a similar crisis come to America amid the "Fight for $15"?   by Hans Bader October 12, 2018 A large minimum wage increase in Venezuela has dealt a “fatal blow to 40% of Venezuelan stores,” reports the Miami Herald. The increase has closed many stores and left...

The Price of “Medicare for All”

by Rod D. Martin October 12, 2018 Democrats are very upset that Republicans are pointing out the actual cost of their "Medicare For All" plan, which nationalizes healthcare and which has been endorsed by almost all major Democrat Presidential contenders. Yes, they're...

The 10 States with the Best Tax Systems (and the 10 Worst)

The bottom line is that tax rates matter, whether we’re looking at state data, national data, or international data.   by Daniel J. Mitchell October 9, 2018 Yesterday, I wrote about the newest edition of Economic Freedom of the World, which is my favorite annual...

Russia is Literally Dying Off

EDITOR'S NOTE: As you know, our long-term projection for Russia is increasing decline, accelerating in the mid-2020s to the point of possible collapse by early mid-century. And this is no small part of the problem: the population of the Russian Federation is falling...


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Rod D. Martin is a technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, author and conservative activist from Destin, Florida.


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Rod D. Martin is a technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, author and conservative activist from Destin, Florida.

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