What Are the Exceptions to Human Progress?

While the world is getting better as a whole, individual countries can and do regress, sometimes dramatically.   by Marian L. Tupy July 25, 2018 Human progress, as I have pointed out before, is neither linear nor guaranteed. And while the world is getting better...

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How Far Will Democrats Go?

by Victor Davis Hanson July 24, 2018 There was no honeymoon for the unlikely winner of the 2016 election. Progressives have in succession tried to sue to overturn Trump’s victory using several different approaches. First on the bogus claim of fraudulent voting...

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Mueller’s Coup Has Failed

by Jack Kelly July 19, 2018 Americans got their first good look last week at Peter Strzok, the FBI agent at the center of the cover up of Hillary’s email scandal and the plot to frame President Trump. This, above and below, is who they saw during the joint hearing of...

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The Shocking Sexism of Socialism

Communist factories failed to manufacture even the most basic items for women.   by Chelsea Follett July 14, 2018 The 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution has brought with it much whitewashing of history. Perhaps the most absurd example of this whitewashing is...

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Growing Resistance to China’s Perfidy

by Dr. Willy Lo-Lap Lam July 13, 2018 The hard edges of China’s global soft power projection have been put under the microscope in a June 19 White House document entitled How China’s Economic Aggression Threatens the Technologies and Intellectual Property of the...

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Nicaragua’s Implosion

by Allison Fedirka July 9, 2018 The United States’ current policy toward Central America is pretty simple: increase border security to stem uncontrolled migration flows and offload as much responsibility as it can to Mexico. It offers some Central American countries...

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Iran, a Regional Power in Dire Straits

by Xander Snyder July 6, 2018 The government in Tehran is starting to get desperate. In Iran, every time one problem seems to go away, another one takes its place. Recent protests are a case in point. Just as the demonstrations over economic grievances in Tehran had...

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Inerrancy Really Was the Issue

by Tom Nettles June 26, 2018 The weeks prior to the recent meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention saw a strange phenomenon that surrounded the controversy over Paige Patterson. Everyone seemed willing to pitch in and pile on. Molly Marshall smelled blood in the...

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Space News Roundup – June 26, 2018

Boeing’s new hypersonic jetliner will whisk you to Europe in 2 hours, Asia in 3; plus, the massive size of the Falcon Heavy and BFR; Virgin readies LauncherOne rocket for maiden flight; the mission of the new U.S. Space Force; lunar water; Blue Origin passenger tickets; the first SpaceX astronauts to fly this year; the floating robotic factory; fusion breakthrough; and more.

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