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The Weather Channel Fakes It Again

by Rod D. Martin September 16, 2018 On camera, this Weather Channel "reporter" was struggling to stand upright, bracing against the storm that was threatening his life and about to blow him away. He was a hero -- much like Cory Booker the other day -- braving certain...

Paul Manafort’s Guilty Plea

by Rod D. Martin September 14, 2018 So in an effort to avoid the 300 years of jail time Mueller is seeking against him, Paul Manafort just pled guilty to two crimes that have absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump or with the 2016 election. When Mueller got Cohen...

Happy Rosh Hashanah: Trump to Close PLO Washington Office

by Rod D. Martin September 10, 2018 Happy Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)! The Trump/Pompeo State Department announced today that the administration is closing the PLO office in Washington because the Palestinians have steadfastly refused to negotiate any peace...

House Update: Sept. 5, 2018

by Rod D. Martin September 5, 2018 Rasmussen today has the Generic Ballot at D+4 (46-42). This is within the safety zone -- Republicans historically win the House even at D+5. But it's worth noting that it's also part of a worrisome trend. Rasmussen had the race dead...

Democrats Jettison Their Superdelegates: What’s Next?

by Rod D. Martin August 27, 2018 ICYMI: Over the weekend, the DNC stripped superdelegates of their right to tip the scales in the Democrat nominating process. For my entire lifetime, unelected insider delegates have held the balance of power, and they handed a...

Russell Moore and II Chronicles 7:14

by Rod D. Martin August 25, 2018 I was reading today in Jeremiah, and I thought of Russell Moore (and a decent number of his followers). For Fourth of July (of course), Russell tweeted that II Chronicles 7:14 does not apply to America. This point seems to be cheered...

Erickson: Trump Supporters Are Hypocrites on Cohen

by Rod D. Martin August 24, 2018 NeverTrumper Erick Erickson is out this morning with a piece condemning all Trump supporters as hypocrites (big shock): “If Hillary had done this, you know you’d be screaming for impeachment.” Well no, Erick: I would not be “screaming...

The Sham Cohen Plea Deal

by Rod D. Martin August 22, 2018 I've thought a little about the sham Cohen plea deal. It is very interesting to me that, when the prosecutors announced the deal, they highlighted all of the matters to which Cohen pled guilty...except one: the alleged campaign finance...

Quick Takes on Manafort and Cohen

by Rod D. Martin August 21, 2018 Quick takes on Manafort and Cohen: Manafort was found guilty of...stuff that had absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump, or even the 2016 election. This is a sick joke. Cohen was threatened by Mueller with about 300+ years in...

Bill Nelson’s Surreal Russian Hacking Claim Falls Apart

by Rod D. Martin August 21, 2018 Update on soon-to-be-former U.S. Senator Bill Nelson's bizarre claim of Russian penetration of Florida voting systems (denied by every Florida election official, including the Democrats), just posted by Gov. Rick Scott. I have more to...

The So-Called Trump Circus

by Rod D. Martin August 19, 2018 I love the Wall Street Journal, but sometimes they -- like a lot of Republicans -- completely miss the ever-lovin' point. Take this paragraph: "The Trump Administration’s regulatory rollback continues to be overshadowed by the White...

The Rod Martin Report – August 14, 2018

Who’ll win in November: my election preview; PLUS, Ron DeSantis for Florida Governor; Secure elections? Here’s how; It’s the economy, stupid; Blacks and Hispanics turn sharply toward Trump; and more. It’s all here, in this week’s Rod Martin Report.

So Who’s Going to Win the House in November?

by Rod D. Martin August 9, 2018 So who's going to win the House in November? And for that matter, who's going to win the Senate? The Wall Street Journal makes a good case for a big Republican defeat this morning in "The Red Wave Illusion". They have history on their...


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Rod D. Martin is a technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, author and conservative activist from Destin, Florida.


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Rod D. Martin is a technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, author and conservative activist from Destin, Florida.

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