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Rod D. Martin is a technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, author and conservative activist from Destin, Florida. Click Here to Learn More About Rod

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Peter ThielRod is one of our nation’s leading minds. He’s smart, original, and very committed—a combination that one rarely finds. Peter ThielPayPal, Founders Fund, Facebook, Palantir

The Rod Martin Report – Happy New Year!

The Rod Martin Report - Happy New Year! Dear Friends, The New Year is upon us, and rather than writing our normal "Rod Martin Report" I want to share with you some deeper thoughts, on America's place in the century ahead. Before I do that, I am going to cover just a...

Are Three Religions Battling Over Israel?

by Rod D. Martin December 29, 2016 It is often said that "three religions are battling over the Holy Land". Indeed, in the last 12 hours alone, I've heard some variant of that phrase by two separate commentators on cable news and at least three different people on...

The Rod Martin Report – Merry Christmas!

The Rod Martin Report   Dear Friends, As we head into the Christmas weekend, I just wanted to share a few thoughts. Yes, it's been a great couple of weeks. Donald Trump's appointments have continued to delight (with the possible exception of Rex Tillerson,...

Why Charlie Brown is Wrong About Christmas

by Rod D. Martin December 21, 2016 In the perfectly delightful A Charlie Brown Christmas, perhaps the most Christian 25 minutes of television ever (and not only because of Linus’s wonderful presentation of Luke chapter 2), everyone’s favorite Round Headed Kid...

Fight For $15 Produces a Wave of Job-Replacing Kiosks

by Rod D. Martin December 5, 2016 Just as I've warned you -- over and over -- the agitators trying to raise the minimum wage to a ludicrous $15 an hour have torched the very people they claim to represent. Those people got greedy. And their greed got them used. In a...

Orphans, Adoption and the Heart of the Gospel

by Chelsea Patterson November 30, 2016 November has been National Adoption Month, and my heart catches on fire whenever I discuss adoption. A large part of my passion stems from the fact that my life has been radically altered by this precious gift. I was born in...

Thanksgiving and Puritan Geopolitics in the Americas

November 24, 2016 Summary The first winter took many of the English at Plymouth. By fall 1621, only 53 remained of the 132 who had arrived on the Mayflower. But those who had survived brought in a harvest. And so, in keeping with tradition, the governor called the...

The Rod Martin Report – November 12, 2016

The Rod Martin Report An Enormous Sigh of Relief Democrats Reject the Working Class Realignment and a New Republican Metanarrative Yes It Was Rigged: Here's How Riots, Snowflakes and the General Leftwing Meltdown Personnel is Policy It Ain't Over Till It's Over Dear...

American Christians: Not Voting is Never An Option

by Dr. Ronnie Floyd November 7, 2016 As the 2016 election looms large this week, polls suggest that both candidates are considered two of the most unfavorable in history, even while simultaneously activating enormously enthusiastic constituencies. It’s a real...


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Rod D. Martin is a technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, author and conservative activist from Destin, Florida.