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China Grows Anxious About Taiwan Reunification

June 18, 2018 Tensions between China and Taiwan have reached a decade high, but Beijing is unlikely to take military action unless Taipei declares independence. The changing strategic picture in the region and increased tension between Washington and Beijing will only boost Taiwan’s importance in the coming decade. A younger, more independence-minded Taiwanese generation could clash with China’s goal of achieving national reunification. China has played a long game of carrot-and-stick with Taiwan, alternating between military threats and economic sweeteners, but the clock may be ticking down to a confrontation. One of the biggest obstacles to China’s campaign for...

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Zimbabwe: Coups and Cryptocurrencies

November 17, 2017 As most of the world focuses on the political impact of Zimbabwe’s coup, a select group of analysts and technology watchers are scrutinizing the effects of the government upset on cryptocurrencies in developing nations. Directly after the Zimbabwean military took control of Harare and placed President Robert Mugabe under house arrest, the price of bitcoin on Zimbabwe’s sole exchange surged as demand for the currency spiked. The dynamic shows the value of cryptocurrencies in times of extreme political instability and portends a change in how Africa’s elites protect and move their assets, which could have myriad...

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A New Era in China

October 26, 2017 The curtain has fallen on the Chinese Communist Party’s 19th National Congress, but the era of President Xi Jinping is only just beginning. Having been in power for five years already, Xi is embarking on his next half-decade term, and the events of the Party Congress suggest he may be leading the country — both formally and ideologically — for many years to come. The president kicked off the quinquennial gathering with a 3.5-hour speech in which he laid out an ambitious vision for the country — not just for his upcoming term, but also for...

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Rod Martin LIVE- October 25, 2017

The Russia script flipped as the Washington Post outs Clinton, Trump breaks Flake, Roy Moore up 11, GWB supports his adopted family…again, PLUS the 602nd anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt.   Articles & Resources mentioned in this episode:   Europe’s Border Problem...

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Rod Martin LIVE- October 11, 2017

Trump/Pence and the anti-Americanism of the NFL; what Catalonia and Poland mean for the EU; Elon Musk’s revolutionary Earth-to-Earth rocket plan; and the anniversary of the Battle of Tours.  Articles & Resources mentioned in this episode: Catalonia represents an existential crisis for Spain, as well as the EU. : Poland Challenges the European Identity Elon Musk’s rocket plan: SPECIAL REPORT – The New American Century: Why America Will Be Stronger Than You Think:

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