For Iran, Tough Choices Ahead

Its social and political stability has been shaken, and external pressures are mounting. by Xander Snyder January 31, 2018 The protests that broke out throughout Iran late last month have dissipated and, it seems, things have largely returned to normal. But while the...

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The Paper Civil War on Trump

by Daniel Greenfield January 24, 2018 The original Civil War was fought by farmhands and factory workers, freed slaves and young boys turned soldiers; the new Civil War is being fought by lawyers in blue or gray suits not with bullets, but with bullet points. From the...

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President Nobama

by Victor Davis Hanson January 19, 2018 Trump is commonsensically undoing, piece by piece, the main components of Obama’s legacy. Donald Trump continues to baffle. NeverTrump Republicans still struggle to square the circle of quietly agreeing so far with most of his...

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Wilson: Why Trump Tweets

by Matt Wilson January 9, 2018 President Trump understands that when he tweets the most outrageous thing to 46.1 million Twitter followers, his enemies will repeat it over and over again in their #ResistTrump echo chamber. The press, in turn, must report his tweet as...

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The End of the US-Pakistan Alliance

by George Friedman January 8, 2018 The U.S.-Pakistan alliance is over. The Pakistani prime minister said as much during a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, a statement made in response to the announcement that the U.S. would cut off all aid to Pakistan...

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Rod D. Martin is a technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, author and conservative activist from Destin, Florida.

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