India Inches Closer to the U.S.

September 7, 2018 Because New Delhi must compensate for its military imbalance against China, it will strengthen its defense partnership with the United States despite issues of contention such as India's reliance on Iranian oil and Russian arms. If New Delhi...

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The French Question

For France, keeping Europe together isn’t as important as keeping Germany engaged on French terms.   by Jacob L. Shapiro Sept. 4, 2018 Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron called for a review of defense cooperation in the European Union – because, he said, the...

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Thank You, Lanny Davis!

by Julie Kelly August 31, 2018 Democrats, journalists, and NeverTrump Republicans were (again) calling for the impeachment of the president. But this time, they were certain the end was near. Following the plea agreement between Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael...

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Revolutionary Future Ahead

by John Mauldin August 30, 2018 Back in 1936, in Esquire magazine of all places, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote something profound. “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to...

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The Sham Cohen Plea Deal

by Rod D. Martin August 22, 2018 I've thought a little about the sham Cohen plea deal. It is very interesting to me that, when the prosecutors announced the deal, they highlighted all of the matters to which Cohen pled guilty...except one: the alleged campaign finance...

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Quick Takes on Manafort and Cohen

by Rod D. Martin August 21, 2018 Quick takes on Manafort and Cohen: Manafort was found guilty of...stuff that had absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump, or even the 2016 election. This is a sick joke. Cohen was threatened by Mueller with about 300+ years in...

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Rod D. Martin is a technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, author and conservative activist from Destin, Florida.

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